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Sep 13 2008

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A Review from Curriculum Review says, “Revolutionary visual and auditory introduction to math”"

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(from article in Curriculum Review magazine, September 08 issue, see article)
“The words “math” and “fun” don’t often make the same sentence. But, in this case, a new book does make math fun! EZTimes Table by Thomas Biesanz (available September 2008, Growth-ink Publishing, ISBN# 978-0-9799636-1-2). this new book is a revolutionary visual and auditory introduction to math – a welcome resource in a time when U.S. math scores are falling behind other countries.”

The article has many good things to say about the book, and says about the videos and DVD: “You’ll quickly see how passionate author Thomas Biesanz (aka MisterNumbers) is about math!” Read article

Videos at:

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Sep 02 2008

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Teaching math videos on Right Brain Math website

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Two short videos are on the EXPERIENCE IT NOW page. The first video will start automatically after a few seconds and teaches the basic Threes multiplication table on a tic-tac-toe square in a fun way. The second video teaches the basic Sevens multiplication table using the same tic-tac-toe square and the same numbers 1-9 but backwards. See the videos!
And watch all of Mister Numbers videos about Right Brain Math on Youtube

The new toll free number for Right Brain Math is now I-888-DIG MATH (1-888 344-6284). For those “in the know”, the last part of the number is the Sixes pattern.
6 2 8 4
6 2 8 4
6 12 18 24

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