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Nov 11 2009

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Mister Numbers WOW!’s Teachers at another Math Conference

As Mister Numbers (Tom Biesanz), I made a 90 minute presentation last weekend (Nov 6, 2009) at California’s biggest math teachers convention (California Math Council Convention South in Palm Springs). The capacity crowd of teachers rated the material outstanding (6 on a 1-6 scale) and here are some of their comments:

“This was a “WOW!” moment for me. Excellent class- wish I learned this 20 years ago”.
“Excellent! I came looking for something to enrich my thinking. I got it!”
“Fun. Innovative”.
“I think the patterns are great, nice for students to start noticing patterns visually”
“Great concept to teach”.
“Exciting stuff – Kids need this!”
“Fascinating, it will really help my kids in understanding number relationships and times tables, inside and out.”
“Great. Very interesting. I liked all the patterns.”
“Very Practical”
“Very exciting. I want to play with the number wheel”
“EZ Times Tables are Interesting. Great Tables.”
“Good demonstration of the right brain math.”
“I loved it! I will use it this week.”
“This was amazing! I’m definitely taking it back to use. I wish it was longer!”

p.s. It was a 90 minute presentation)

Mister Numbers teachings are available to you for only $17.95 on his website. That includes the book, hour DVD, and 8 extra worksheets beyond those in the book. And there are 3 more free worksheets to download from his website:

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Nov 10 2009

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Mister Numbers videos dominate (winner of 2009 CODiE Best Online Reference Service) shows 4 videos under the search of “multiplication”.  The video Math Times Tables for 3, 6, 9 multiplication from MisterNumbers is one of the four videos. Clicking on the video opens up a page with an article (below) and two more videos. This results in HALF (3 of 6) the videos on feature MisterNumbers. Great for teachers and students. Here is the article from with the embedded videos:

Math multiplication table tricks using patterns on Tic-Tac-Toe Squares for the Threes, Sixes, and Nines. MisterNumbers math tricks will rock you as you learn multiplication for the 3 6 and 9 times tables in this video and the Sevens, Fours, and even the whole times table on other videos. This is fun for homeschool math or in a classroom. Teachers and parents will find this lesson for math times tables fun for students and for the Teacher. See other Mister-Numbers videos to see right brain ways to learn the multiplication times tables using overviews, math patterns, and visual puzzles. Math times table created from fun patterns as a way to learn multiplication tables for Threes, Sixes, and Nines. This video also teaches place value. This video has the student create worksheets where they can learn the times tables. This is useful for teaching math in a classroom, at home, as part of homeschool or as fun homework. Right Brain Math can teach Elementary Students. Curriculum Review magazine calls it a revolutionary approach to introducing math. It is also very effective for remedial math for students who have fallen behind in math. Learning the multiplication tables are crucial for a student taking algebra. The Right Brain approach has helped many kids who have a negative attitude about math or numbers. Right Brain Math is an easy, effective, visual method of teaching multiplication as well as addition, subtraction, or division. It also helps students learn factors. Because it uses visual and auditory patterns as a teaching strategies, it appeals to many learning styles because it emphasizes patterns and puzzles and overviews. Kids see the big picture of the multiplication tables first, and then understand how the individual factors relate to each other.” then embeds these two Mister Numbers videos on the Threes and Sevens.

See the article and videos on MisterNumbers on Use these free videos using a right brain approach to math to learn the Threes, Sixes, Sevens, and Nines in a fun way.  See other MisterNumbers videos here. Enjoy.          -Mister Numbers

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