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Mar 26 2011

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Adult Learners also Love Right Brain Math

CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN to woman’s 1 minute support for Right Brain Math  used with adult learners.
Phone call used with Deborah’s permission because she believes Right Brain Math could help many adults.
Feedback below from more adults (read while you listen to link above):

“I received your book yesterday, It’s totally amazing, I’m 34 years old and for the first time in my life I am finally understanding how numbers work and slowly my fear of numbers is lessening… Thank you Mister Numbers, You have just opened up a whole new world to me and I am so grateful.” — Clare C.

“32 is never to old to learn, especially when we’re playing with patterns. Thanx.” -Shaun Saintlove

My child responded to the right brain math DVD the same way I did, with absolute amazement. Everyone I have shown it to has been amazed. The visual presentation of times tables in patterns was so powerful to me as an adult.” -Cheryl, mom of 3 elementary students

“Hey Im 33 and I feel the same way. I was looking for my kids and this helped me as well!!! Love it.” -LLS

“I am a 32 yr old kid who is enlightened by your videos and entered into a new age of right brain math learning. I am dropping this mail to send my appreciation.” -Mrudula Valleti

“I hate to admit that at 74 it is suddenly getting to me that I can not do much math.  I have just ordered your ezmath book and hope that multiplication will appears easier, I have always been the same and I don’t know how I have got away with it for so long, I really would love to master it and maybe find out how to do division and so forth, I was so scared at school that I would make sure that I would be away with some complaint or other. I hope that I have started something that will help me feel better about it. Thank you. Kind Regards,” -Tricia P

“At 25 years old I am finally finding the ambition to memorize my multiplication tables. I struggled all through school with them and you have FINALLY made them easy!  I will spread the word to anyone who will listen! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!” – CJ Kize

Right Brain Math is not just for kids.
Many Adults struggle with the Old Math.
They don’t “get” the New Math taught to kids.
Right Brain Math is just Right.

Go to Right Brain Math website
See Right Brain Math videos

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Mar 07 2011

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How do kids, teachers and parents respond to Right Brain Math?

Right Brain Math Masthead

These are recent quotes from Parents and Teachers who have bought the Right Brain Math book or Ebook or DVD

My daughter absolutely loves it! I think all children would benefit from this approach to math whether they are right or left brain learners. This approach offers a different way of looking at numbers and the way they work. You are actually able to see patterns, which makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easier. I love the fact that math is presented visually which makes it easier for my daughter to understand. - Shannon, Homeschooler

My child responded to the right brain math DVD the same way I did, with absolute amazement. Everyone I have shown it to has been amazed. The visual presentation of times tables in patterns was so powerful to me as an adult. -Cheryl, mom of 3 elementary students and math geek

Some of my slower kids can work with the charts better. I am able to show the patterns and in turn show in a visual way why the answer is possible. I love the way we can produce our own times tables and its easy to predict the next chart. It would especially be good for elementary students and special ed. students. -Leonard, middle school teacher

I took the lessons and teach them to my nieces and nephews – and they LOVE it! My 7 year-old niece learned AND understood the times table fast!  Children sees the EZ Times Table as simple, easy to understand, to apply and most importantly: it’s DO-ABLE!  As a parent, I like it because it is easy to teach and fun. The connection between patterns and numbers really makes it easy to understand. Best of all, the feeling you get when a child “gets it” and how empowering it is to them is priceless! -Azizan, parent & a kid at heart who used to hate math!

Over the course of my teaching career, I have noticed that more and more of my students are right-brained. Math continues to be taught from a left-brained foundation, leaving many of the students clueless. This is most apparent when it comes to learning the multiplication tables. I have only introduced the EZ times tables to 7th graders so far and many of them responded positively. -Teacher, and also Parent of 5 year old in NY

I found the number wheel to be amazing. My child who loves math loved the videos and book. My reluctant math child (13 year old son) was hesitant but interested. I would love to see your approach more mainstream rather than an alternate approach. -Wendy Schulze, reading therapist who loves math

The (EZ Times) table breaks down each component of multiplication. My recommendation: the younger the child the more time they have to understand the subject, i would say 2-9 years old is a great age range. -Gus Morale, homeschooler of 1

Tic-Tac-Toe was a HIT!!!! She writes them quickly on the math homework sheets. Get the kids when they are YOUNG!!!!  This DVD and Workbook (Right Brain Math Book) could be a great tool to add in Math TEXTBOOKS. -Parent – with struggling math child

The pattern of multiplication is easier to see. The visualization really helped in seeing how the multiplication tables worked. As an adult, I learned!  The number wheel is a great visualization of how multiplication works. I think the RightBrain approach to multiplication was very good for my son’s age – which is 8. He is more of visual learner, so the method presented made it all “click” better. I wish his teacher had embraced the style rather than sticking to the standard “memorization” method. -Kristina, Parent of a 3rd grader

Very visual. Kids think it’s cool!! -Ellie, Year5/6teacher in England

The number wheel and tic-tac-toe videos gave us such a different view of times tables that it will be difficult to not remember them. It also gives you a way to recreate any times table by remembering a pattern. The worksheets are a great way for kids to “see” the way numbers work. My daughter quickly picked up the times tables she had struggled with so much with ease. The “games” are so fun for the kids. -Tina, Homeschooler of 3

He loved them! It’s such a cool way to learn the times tables–certainly not the way I was taught, which didn’t stick!! This is the first time I have ever found math fun! I think anyone could use it. -Parent of 4th grader in NY

She (my daughter) thought it was pretty cool. When she started to notice the patterns she was excited. Makes memorization easier. We are all visual spatial thinkers here and love all the help we can get! Make the public schools adhere to your way of teaching! I am going to introduce your materials to my third graders teacher on Friday. -Kristin, Mother of 3

Wish Math was taught to me this way in school. Making sense of math books given to kids, forcing them to read things that does not lay the foundations to understanding mathematics in whole, is a waste of time and an energy drainer. Video lessons were amazing as if playing games and learning math the same time. What I like the most in EZ Time Table is the patterns in math. No age bar, anyone can use Mister numbers. -Farzana Zia, student

Where was this when I was in School? The name say’s it all ……EZ! Until u see….  It all makes sense. Very hard to picture how easy it is. Anybody that wants to make sense of math could use it. Plus it is easier to explain to others. -Sonia Rodriguez, had trouble with math

My kids liked it and have done well with it. Tic-Tac-Toe and Number Wheels were fun and easy to understand……they made the math easier!  I like being able to copy the puzzles and and then I laminated them, and had the kids use erasable markers so they can reuse them without me having to make new copy. I did the same thing with the number line “T”(EZ Times Table). -a parent

My kids could do this all by themselves and it gave them a great sense of accomplishment. I have two boys aged 8 and 10.  My kids were apprehensive at first. Not another Math book! They soon saw this was different and were willing to give it a try. They both love the fact that they don’t need to “learn” the times tables now that they can reproduce the EZ Times Table. -Tania, Parent of 2, HI

I like how quickly my child learned the times tables and how she is able to recall the tricks a year later when she is struggling with a math problem. Great for kids who do not think they are good at math. This makes it easy. All those wiggly kids who having trouble sitting still in class or at home can use this technique easy and fast. -Shauna, Homeschooler of 2

My kids love how easy it is to learn times tables. The EZ Times Table is easy to explain and straight forward. I recommend this for teachers, parents, students. -Josie, Home Schooler

I personally enjoyed watching the MisterNumbers videos and wished I had known about these tips as a child. My child enjoyed the EZ Times Table book because of the easy to understand patterns.  It provides a different way of looking at multiplication, other than just pure memorization of math facts.  I think it is a good approach for children aged 6 and up. Even younger children can benefit if they already have good number sense. -Mother of 7-year-old girl who knows her times tables

I like the demonstration of how the times tables of certain numbers are relative to other tables, especially on the simplified version in the back. I have shown the method to friends that claim to be awful at math, and that OOOO look that they get on their face when they see the it, is priceless. I also like the empowerment that it gives a person. To be able to create a complete times table in 2 minutes or less is an awesome tool. I purchased these products to help my 4th grader who loves math but is struggling with memorization of times tables, and because I found them extremely interesting. -Cheryl, mom of 3 elementary students

Right Brain Math Website free worksheets
Right Brain Math Book, Ebook and DVD
Right Brain Math Book and Ebook and MisterNumbers DVD only $24.95 for all three!

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