Mar 30 2013

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Right Brain Math book, new edition April 2013

Right Brain Math Book, Ebook and DVD by MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math

Combo of Right Brain Math book, ebook & DVD

The Right Brain Math book has been a favorite of teachers, parents, kids, and schools. Now it is better than ever. See hundreds of teacher, parent, and kid reviews on the testimonial page at

The new edition is out now, April 2013 with over a hundred changes, corrections, new images and additions. It is available on the Products page of Pattern Play Math.

The Right Brain Math Ebook is also updated and is available April 1, 2013.

“Thank you! No tears doing homework tonight! I have the hardest time trying to explain math to my child because she thinks so much differently than I do, And teachers just send home drill-and-practice worksheets that are pure torture for us. She totally got these patterns and had FUN doing it!”

“My family labeled me stupid because I couldn’t grasp math. I always thought I was really stupid for years, now I can finally understand math, the visual way. Thanks!”

“EZ Times Table (in Right Brain Math book) is a simple, systematic approach, which assists in memorization of multiplication facts. Review and repetition are built into each lesson. Using movement, rhythm, and visual patterns to explore multiplication, Thomas Biesanz has created a program to engage students of all learning styles. These patterns are a useful tool for multiplication mastery.”
-Linda Burks?

“Learning the times tables becomes a game as children learn fun patterns while filling in the EZ TIMES TABLES charts. Instead of learning one math fact at a time (which is not only difficult but highly inefficient), children learn a pattern for the entire table. Table by table, they construct a times tables matrix for tables 1-10. Pattern play develops number sense. EZ TIMES TABLES will intrigue your child.
Highly recommended as a resource for parents and teachers.”

-Eugenia Francis, author of Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables

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