Nov 10 2013

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Fractions and Divisions the Right Brain Way by MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math

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TomRedShirt2x3I am MisterNumbers with 1.5 million views of fun right-brain math teaching videos. I have taught math and my kids have ginven me 5 wonderful grandchildren aged 5-11. I want all kids and their parents to know that when kids “don’t get math” it is often a teaching problem, not a learning problem. I hear thank-you’s daily from kids and their parents and teachers. Their tears of frustration and feeling defective and the parents and teachers fears about their kids  education and future relax as the kids GET MATH the right-brain way and feel confident while they enjoy numbers.

Pattern Play Math, new Right-brain videos coming

My focus is on making basic math understandable for everybody. My viewers are asking for videos on fractions and division, (which can often be thought of as sharing). So I am creating two animated videos.odometer3 The picture on the left shows tenths of a mile this car has gone (another way to introduce decimals and fractions and place value). 

One video is about understanding numbers that are less than one. If you and I share an apple, we each get half. A candy bar can be shared by 4 kids. They get that.

 You can also count on different levels. You can count bags of Halloween candy or individual pieces. With a handful of money, you can count the value as dollars, or dimes, or pennies.  Kids get that too. Watch for the video for more fun and play.

 The second video will be using the Number Wheels that kids love, for them to SEE FRACTIONS. Kids are more visual and have an active right brain. Watch for both videos soon. I will send a newsletter out when they are available.

MORE SHARING SOON from Misternumbers
I am excited as I am creating a Live teaching Webinar so you can experience Right Brain Math. I will first do a survey so you can tell me what you want covered. You can also email me requests for what you want included or if you want to participate in the webinar, Email MisterNumbers here 


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  1. Heatheron 06 Feb 2014 at 7:09 am 1

    Glad to see this site.. Any chance you might have a webinar more in context for adult learners?

  2. MisterNumberson 24 Mar 2014 at 11:30 am 2

    Hi Heather,

    Yes, I am definitely working on a webinar and excited about it. Will let you know!


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