Jan 02 2016

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Number Wheel Boxes are Magic Addition

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Below are some Number Circles in chalk I did at a park Thurs. Kids and adults were amazed.

0 on top and 5 on the bottom. The one square is made up of numbers next to 0 and 5 (1-4-9-6). The other square is numbers away from 0 and 5 (2-3-7-8).

Tops and bottoms of both circles add up to 10: 1+9=10 and 4+6=10, 2+8=10 and 3+7=10. The sides (vertical up and down lines) add up to 5 or 15: 1+4=5, 2+3+5, 6+9=15, 7+8=15. Did more for kids at a New Year’s party yesterday.

Addition Squares on a Number Wheel

Threes Sevens Ten-Adds

Threes Sevens Ten-Adds


Ten-Adds Jakob 1 and 9 COLORTen-Adds Jakob Twos Eights COLOR

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