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Oct 05 2010

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New iPhone App: Tic Tac Toe Times Table FREE 3 days

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Learn and play with the trick on this ingenious app that asks you to play with simple patterns on a tic-tac-toe Square like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 and 000-111-222-3 and create the Times Tables for 3s, 7s, 6s, and Nines. You will be amazed!

Forward the link to a parent, teacher, or student you care about. This great app is free for 3 days.

Also download the Wheel Math app for only $ .99. Adults love it as much as kids.

Ask a friend with an iPhone to download one or both of these treasure apps.
Go to RightBrainMath.com to learn more about exciting math apps, books, ebooks, DVD, and free worksheets.

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Sep 27 2010

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5 Star feedback for Wheel Math App by Right Brain Math

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The price is only $ .99 and overall feedback for Wheel Math App by MisterNumbers is a full five stars! (See comments on iTunes below). 8-10 year olds love it. Also 15 year olds love it. Many Teachers and parents love it. Even a 3 year old says “I want to do the Threes!”  People love the easy touch numbers, the simple display of patterns, the giggle-inducing kids voices, and are amazed at the fascinating patterns it reveals. An awesome experience at a great price. Here are some individual responses:

rCLICK THE WHEEL TO GO TO SEE THE APP ON ITUNES ( to see more screenshots or buy).

Wheel Math iPhone App by Right Brain Math feedback 1

Makes math fun! App visually shows how the decimal system works in a circular way and makes the times tables easy to learn. A great tool and “wheel” fun. Also check out the useful videos.

This is an app my 11 year old can enjoy. Most of the math apps are easy and bore her quickly. This one makes her think and take her time. Great fun even for adults


Nice app for kids learning multiplication, it is fun and I saw big improvements of my 6 and 8 years kids. Great and thank you!


I love the playful nature of this app and how it shows these interesting relationships between numbers on a wheel. Makes learning about numbers fun for kids of all ages. My 15 year old son likes it too. For visual learners like myself, this tool will be a big help learning multiplication and just enjoying the beauty of numbers.


This app makes multiplication fun for kids and kids at heart. The patterns quickly emerge, and as an adult, I saw the fascinating patterns that the different numbers take on the wheel. I also was interested in creating, and then viewing with my own eyes, the interconnected relationships between multiplication, addition, and subtraction. It’s a whole new way to think about math- easier and prettier than the way I learned in school. Also my three-year-old likes the sounds, and can do the number wheel himself since the application is easy to follow; he says “ I want to do the threes!” Although clearly he cannot enjoy it on as many levels as I can, we both definitely like it.

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Sep 10 2010

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“Wheel Math” iphone App Free Sept 13th

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“All four of my children love the Wheel Math app.  Using number patterns to create shapes is both great fun and a fantastic way of learning multiplication.  My children, like most children, love to think creatively.  Wheel Math allows them to do this in a constructive manner with real results.  It also teaches them to understand how patterns can be found and followed in almost anything!”     -Mom to 4 homeschoolers

“Wheel Math” Coming Soon

The App was waiting for review on iTunes and then went into review almost a week ago. It should be available on Monday. I will announce it here when it is available on iTunes and it will be free for a day or two. I appreciate it if you download it, play with it, and give a good rating and feedback on iTunes. Tell your friends because adults and kids are fascinated with Right Brain Math Number Wheels.

After that it will only be $ .99 so keep passing the word on. Kids, parents, and teachers will be grateful for this revolutionary approach to math.

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Aug 24 2010

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Wheel Math, an iPhone app by MisterNumbers Right Brain Math

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Wheel Math app for iPhone

Wheel Math app for iPhone

Coming soon (around Sept 9):Free for the first 2 days. Check back to find free days.

The “Wheel Math Wheel Fun” iPhone app on Number Wheels. It’s a game. It’s a teaching tool. It’s a 3-D calculator that kids can make work. It is a whole new way to learn the times tables. Kids love it. Adults love it.

Wheel Math app Sevens at 70Wheel Math app Sixes at 24

Wheel Math app Sixes at 24

Best math app in a long time

Great educational app

Novel math approach

Adults enjoy it as much as kids

Seeing and learning patterns.

Wheel Math app Sevens at 70

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Jun 07 2010

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Mister Numbers Right-Brained Math DVD, a Summer Sample (2 min of hour DVD) below

Summer is a great time for Elementary Teachers or Concerned Parents to learn a new Right Brain approach to teaching Math. Be sure to check out MisterNumbers videos and sign up to get his free worksheets below using Tic-Tac-Toe Squares and Number Circles. You can get his EZ Times Table Book, the Mister Numbers Right-Brained Pattern Power Math DVD, 8 extra worksheets and a color EZ Times Table, all for only $17.95.

This video is presenting a few samples of his hour long DVD: Mister Numbers Right-Brained Math Pattern Power DVD. You can get the hour DVD, the book and 8 extra worksheets for only $17.95.

Sign up below for your 3 free worksheets:

Get 3 FREE fun worksheets for 3′s and 7′s & 8s
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Go to the website HERE for MORE

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