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Jan 23 2012

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GIGGLES while Learning Right Brain Math with Free Videos

Math GIGGLES comment yesterday on Youtube: “The “onesies” made my son giggle so much that he had to comment. What he didn’t say is how you “blew his mind” with all the tricks you teach. Thanks for posting the lessons. I had never been taught with the number wheel or tic-tac-toe format; I think these may just be the right tools for him to get over the hump of “memorizing” his multiplication tables. -Dave Taylor
Original comment yesterday by Dave’s son:
“Onesies 1:07 :0 lol”  (See video below)

Mister Numbers replies: I very intentionally give the Ones-Digits a nickname of the Onesies, and the Tens-Digits a nickname of the Tensies.

Ones-digits and Tens-digits are simple concepts with awkward formal names. Let’s be friends with these cool ideas that show us so many fun patterns that are learning tools. Onesies and Tensies are used in all Pattern Play Math to create the patterns.  I hope the nicknames of “Onesies” and “Tensies” catch on and helps kids learn math! The Patterns are so cool and help make understanding and learning math easier -MisterNumbers

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Oct 13 2011

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FREE Video shows the Threes, Fours, Sixes, & Eights on MisterNumber’s EZ Times Table

MisterNumbers Color EZ Times Table by Pattern Play Math

Top Third of the EZ Times Table by MisterNumbers

What is the EZ Times Table? The EZ Times Table is the revolutionary right Brain approach to teaching math by MisterNumbers.
CLICK HERE to watch the video that shows how to create the Threes, Fours, Sixes, and Eights on the EZ Times Table. There is a link in that video for an earlier video creating the Ones and Twos on it.

“EZ Times Table (in Right Brain Math book) is a simple, systematic approach, which assists in memorization of multiplication facts. Review and repetition are built into each lesson. Using movement, rhythm, and visual patterns to explore multiplication, Thomas Biesanz has created a program to engage students of all learning styles. These patterns are a useful tool for multiplication mastery.”
-Linda Burks? www.math-mom.com

Kindergarden students have created and understood the whole times table up to 10 x 10 on the EZ Times Table. They used it to solve multiplication problems even though they didn’t even know what “times” meant when they started and hour earlier. The EZ Times Table can be created on graph paper. You can also buy the Right Brain Math book (a new expanded version of the EZ Times Table book) below that has all the blank tables with step-by-step directions, as well as 16 other playsheets and info on the Right Brain approach using Number Wheels and Tic Tac Toe Squares.

“LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT……I have a third grader and this is working like a charm. I, myself have learned the times tables better. I’m going to send this information to my daughters school. Thank you so very much.”
-Tiffany Hart

Right Brain Math book by Tom Biesanz aka MisterNumbers

Right Brain Math EBook

Or you can buy the Right Brain Math book, Ebook, and DVD for $24.95 ($3.95 shipping US)

“Totally awesome.. Where was this when I was in school learning. Great help for my homeschoolers!”

Right Brain Math Book, Ebook and DVD by MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math

Combo of Right Brain Math book, ebook & DVD

“The EZ TIMES TABLE is a helpful tool for both remediated and excelled math students. Students are able to construct the entire multiplication table using this ingenious format. Number patterns are laid out for discovery. My students enjoyed the success of zipping through the process.

-Teresa, Third Grade Teacher

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Oct 10 2011

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Whoops! All Right Brain Math IPhone Apps FREE Through Tuesday Oct 11

The Tic Tac Toe Times Table app had a price tag today on iTunes, so I am extending the FREE offer for all 5 of my Right Brain Math IPhone apps through Tuesday Oct 11th. Wednesday the Wheel Math Wheel Fun and Tic Tac Toe Times Table go back to full price. Go here to download all five Right Brain Math IPhone Apps

“All four of my children love the Wheel Math app. Using number patterns to create shapes is both great fun and a fantastic way of learning multiplication. My children, like most children, love to think creatively. Wheel Math allows them to do this in a constructive manner with real results. It also teaches them to understand how patterns can be found and followed in almost anything!” -Mom to 4 homeschoolers

Wheel Math Wheel Fun Iphone App creating the Sevens up to 10,000
Wheel Math Wheel Fun Iphone App creating the Sevens pattern as a Super Star.
Incredible Teaching Patterns from 1-9 to help learn math and the times tables.

Click here to Download the Awesome Wheel Math Wheel Fun iPhone App Free

Download this Terrific Tic Tac Toe Times Table App Free here

Tic Tac Toe Times Table iPhone App reveals the Nines Pattern

Tell others what you like on iTunes or on this blog or email MisterNumbers: MisterNumbers@PatternPlayMath.com.

My intention is to help kids learn math in fun ways that fit their ways of learning.
See all the MisterNumbers free videos on Youtube (over 680,000 views, many are animated).
Go here to download all five Right Brain Math IPhone Apps


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Aug 08 2011

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Amazon reviews of MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math Book, “Right Brain Math”

What are parents and teachers saying about the Right Brain Math book by Tom Biesanz, aka MisterNumbers, on Amazon?

Amazon feedback for Right Brain Math, 4.9 stars
Right Brain Math: A Fun, Easy, Visual Approach to Math

Right Brain Math, the ebook

“It’s already a big hit with my favorite kiddos! Thank you for giving a non-visually-oriented math geek some fun tricks to show the visual-spatial kids in my life.” –Karynna Lynne

“Has already helped my little girl. Very good book.” –Alfredo Spencer

“After using the inital table with my students I decided I should get the DVD also. MrNumbers answered the phone and took care of the order. I got the DVD and it is awesome. My kids love what little we have done. They are learning and having fun!” –Delia Ybarra

“All I can say is THANKS!! I’ve needed a tool like this for my child.” –Shannon Staton

“The order arrived promptly and complete…even with extra worksheets. THANKS!” –Michelle Hadfield

“It is a interesting way of teaching math. Creative and seems fun.” -Semi Kim

“Book arrived faster than advertised, and was just what was promised.” –David Sailer

“He accidentally sent me two books, and told me to just keep the second one for some one who needs it. Excellent seller, I feel like he is more concerned with children learning than money. Book is great, shipping was fast, and service was courteous.” –Mandy Cole

“I like this innovative way to use patterns to answer multiplication problems. I only wish a more advanced book could be created as well. My kids found it to be neat but they ran through it too fast because they are older 10 – 13. If younger children use this method, it will benefit them really well.” -Kenyatta Edwards

5.0 out of 5 stars Wish This Book Was Available When I Was In School! “Finally, a book written for right brained thinkers! Studies have shown that math is the most difficult subject for people to learn. It’s one of the main reasons students fail or drop out of college or even high school. This is especially true if you’re a creative person. You may excel at writing, reading, music, or other right brained subjects but math is a constant struggle.
In Right Brain Math: A Fun, Easy, Visual Approach to Math the author makes learning basic math fun and easy by using a visual approach. Getting kids to memorize multiplication tables and other math problems isn’t really learning, it’s just memorizing. But when they can SEE the patterns it all makes sense. Once they have a solid foundation in the basics it makes learning higher math much easier.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, fun and simple! “I must say that I fell in love with Right Brain Math! This is an amazing easy to understand visual approach to learning math. The connection between patterns and numbers really makes it easy to understand. I am so happy to actually able to recognize patterns, which makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easier. Thanks for showing me new strategies to make numbers fun and simple.” -Kim Hale

Right Brain Math Book and Ebook and MisterNumbers DVDI highly recommend MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math DVD as a companion to the Right Brain Math book. The hour long DVD goes through most of the worksheets in the book simply and clearly. The Right Brain Math book is $12.95 on Amazon. You can get the combo of the Right Brain Math book and MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math DVD for $17.95 on the website ($3.95 shipping). OR get the ebook version of the book AND the DVD (pdf version for your computer that makes for easy printing of worksheets) and save $2 on shipping.

Check out MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math 5 -star  videos, many animated.  (over 600,000 views)

Hundreds of other enthusiastic feedback from teachers, parents, kids, and others.

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Mar 07 2011

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How do kids, teachers and parents respond to Right Brain Math?

Right Brain Math Masthead

These are recent quotes from Parents and Teachers who have bought the Right Brain Math book or Ebook or DVD

My daughter absolutely loves it! I think all children would benefit from this approach to math whether they are right or left brain learners. This approach offers a different way of looking at numbers and the way they work. You are actually able to see patterns, which makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easier. I love the fact that math is presented visually which makes it easier for my daughter to understand. - Shannon, Homeschooler

My child responded to the right brain math DVD the same way I did, with absolute amazement. Everyone I have shown it to has been amazed. The visual presentation of times tables in patterns was so powerful to me as an adult. -Cheryl, mom of 3 elementary students and math geek

Some of my slower kids can work with the charts better. I am able to show the patterns and in turn show in a visual way why the answer is possible. I love the way we can produce our own times tables and its easy to predict the next chart. It would especially be good for elementary students and special ed. students. -Leonard, middle school teacher

I took the lessons and teach them to my nieces and nephews – and they LOVE it! My 7 year-old niece learned AND understood the times table fast!  Children sees the EZ Times Table as simple, easy to understand, to apply and most importantly: it’s DO-ABLE!  As a parent, I like it because it is easy to teach and fun. The connection between patterns and numbers really makes it easy to understand. Best of all, the feeling you get when a child “gets it” and how empowering it is to them is priceless! -Azizan, parent & a kid at heart who used to hate math!

Over the course of my teaching career, I have noticed that more and more of my students are right-brained. Math continues to be taught from a left-brained foundation, leaving many of the students clueless. This is most apparent when it comes to learning the multiplication tables. I have only introduced the EZ times tables to 7th graders so far and many of them responded positively. -Teacher, and also Parent of 5 year old in NY

I found the number wheel to be amazing. My child who loves math loved the videos and book. My reluctant math child (13 year old son) was hesitant but interested. I would love to see your approach more mainstream rather than an alternate approach. -Wendy Schulze, reading therapist who loves math

The (EZ Times) table breaks down each component of multiplication. My recommendation: the younger the child the more time they have to understand the subject, i would say 2-9 years old is a great age range. -Gus Morale, homeschooler of 1

Tic-Tac-Toe was a HIT!!!! She writes them quickly on the math homework sheets. Get the kids when they are YOUNG!!!!  This DVD and Workbook (Right Brain Math Book) could be a great tool to add in Math TEXTBOOKS. -Parent – with struggling math child

The pattern of multiplication is easier to see. The visualization really helped in seeing how the multiplication tables worked. As an adult, I learned!  The number wheel is a great visualization of how multiplication works. I think the RightBrain approach to multiplication was very good for my son’s age – which is 8. He is more of visual learner, so the method presented made it all “click” better. I wish his teacher had embraced the style rather than sticking to the standard “memorization” method. -Kristina, Parent of a 3rd grader

Very visual. Kids think it’s cool!! -Ellie, Year5/6teacher in England

The number wheel and tic-tac-toe videos gave us such a different view of times tables that it will be difficult to not remember them. It also gives you a way to recreate any times table by remembering a pattern. The worksheets are a great way for kids to “see” the way numbers work. My daughter quickly picked up the times tables she had struggled with so much with ease. The “games” are so fun for the kids. -Tina, Homeschooler of 3

He loved them! It’s such a cool way to learn the times tables–certainly not the way I was taught, which didn’t stick!! This is the first time I have ever found math fun! I think anyone could use it. -Parent of 4th grader in NY

She (my daughter) thought it was pretty cool. When she started to notice the patterns she was excited. Makes memorization easier. We are all visual spatial thinkers here and love all the help we can get! Make the public schools adhere to your way of teaching! I am going to introduce your materials to my third graders teacher on Friday. -Kristin, Mother of 3

Wish Math was taught to me this way in school. Making sense of math books given to kids, forcing them to read things that does not lay the foundations to understanding mathematics in whole, is a waste of time and an energy drainer. Video lessons were amazing as if playing games and learning math the same time. What I like the most in EZ Time Table is the patterns in math. No age bar, anyone can use Mister numbers. -Farzana Zia, student

Where was this when I was in School? The name say’s it all ……EZ! Until u see….  It all makes sense. Very hard to picture how easy it is. Anybody that wants to make sense of math could use it. Plus it is easier to explain to others. -Sonia Rodriguez, had trouble with math

My kids liked it and have done well with it. Tic-Tac-Toe and Number Wheels were fun and easy to understand……they made the math easier!  I like being able to copy the puzzles and and then I laminated them, and had the kids use erasable markers so they can reuse them without me having to make new copy. I did the same thing with the number line “T”(EZ Times Table). -a parent

My kids could do this all by themselves and it gave them a great sense of accomplishment. I have two boys aged 8 and 10.  My kids were apprehensive at first. Not another Math book! They soon saw this was different and were willing to give it a try. They both love the fact that they don’t need to “learn” the times tables now that they can reproduce the EZ Times Table. -Tania, Parent of 2, HI

I like how quickly my child learned the times tables and how she is able to recall the tricks a year later when she is struggling with a math problem. Great for kids who do not think they are good at math. This makes it easy. All those wiggly kids who having trouble sitting still in class or at home can use this technique easy and fast. -Shauna, Homeschooler of 2

My kids love how easy it is to learn times tables. The EZ Times Table is easy to explain and straight forward. I recommend this for teachers, parents, students. -Josie, Home Schooler

I personally enjoyed watching the MisterNumbers videos and wished I had known about these tips as a child. My child enjoyed the EZ Times Table book because of the easy to understand patterns.  It provides a different way of looking at multiplication, other than just pure memorization of math facts.  I think it is a good approach for children aged 6 and up. Even younger children can benefit if they already have good number sense. -Mother of 7-year-old girl who knows her times tables

I like the demonstration of how the times tables of certain numbers are relative to other tables, especially on the simplified version in the back. I have shown the method to friends that claim to be awful at math, and that OOOO look that they get on their face when they see the it, is priceless. I also like the empowerment that it gives a person. To be able to create a complete times table in 2 minutes or less is an awesome tool. I purchased these products to help my 4th grader who loves math but is struggling with memorization of times tables, and because I found them extremely interesting. -Cheryl, mom of 3 elementary students

Right Brain Math Website free worksheets
Right Brain Math Book, Ebook and DVD
Right Brain Math Book and Ebook and MisterNumbers DVD only $24.95 for all three!

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Jan 10 2011

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New Animated Right Brain Math Video: Nines on a Number Wheel, less than 3 minutes

Awesome New animated video by MisterNumbers Right Brain Math

The video below shows how the Nines have fun patterns on a Number Wheel. Every time you go around 9 on a Number Wheel, you can get to the same place by going backwards 1 (because there are ten numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 on the Wheel,  1 and 9, 2 and 8, 3 and 7 and 4 and 6 all create the same patterns starting and ending at zero). Watch the video below and click here for more MisterNumbers videos.
“Cool” andSuper Fun!” are comments already on this awesome video that went up yesterday (66 views already).

The video also includes the Ones because it creates the same decagon. Then it shows a neat way to create the Nines from a simple pattern. It also shows a trick with the Nines (that numbers divisible by 9, add up to 9). It does all this in under 3 minutes.

Watch the Nines on a Number Wheel, a Right Brain Math video

Free Worksheets available on the website.
Right Brain Math Book or Ebook is available for $10.95.
OR See the Right Brain Math Book on Amazon. Then come back here and click link above to buy it for less.
Get the Book or Ebook and the DVD for $17.95. In the hour long DVD, Mister Numbers shows how to do the 17 worksheets in the ebook as well as how to fill out the revolutionary EZ Times Table.
Or get all three for only $24.95. The ebook makes it easy to print worksheets for your kids.

Wheel Math 4 U iPhone app is FREE

Kids can create Stars with the 4s and 6s for free and it goes up to ten thousand. Here is a screenshot where Alyssa, a 10 year old, took the Eights over 3000 just for fun. Send me a screenshot of your kids going higher with any number and I will put their name on my website.

Wheel Math Wheel Fun iPhone app can do all the patterns for all the numbers (5 and 10 pointed Stars, Decagons, Yo-Yos, and Pentagons) and is available for only 99 cents.

Read about all five Right Brain Math iphone apps here.

Waldorf Schools often use a Number Wheel or Number Circle to learn math.

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Nov 08 2010

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2 More Free iPhone Apps for Right Brain Math

Filed under ,iPhone apps,Teachers

Tic Tac Toe Threes and Tic Tac Toe Sevens iPhone apps are FREE and great math teaching tools. Many Free apps are advertising only. Unique: Not another drill math app.These apps give kids the EXPERIENCE of creating the Threes and Sevens times tables from fun, simple and easy patterns on Tic Tac Toe Squares, which kids are familiar with and enjoy.
Tic Tac Toe Sevens app in action!

You can get the full Tic Tac Toe Times Table app for only $.99 if you enjoy these free apps. This one app has both the Threes and Sevens, and takes them both to 3 squares. This shows the power of playing with patterns, gets kids comfortable with larger numbers, and reveals the Sixes, Nines, and Fourteens.

There is also the Free Wheel Math 4 U app where kids use number wheels or number circles to create the Fours and Sixes into the hundreds while making STARS. Kids think it is really cool.

And then the Wheel Math Wheel Fun app allows kids to experience ALL the numbers on number wheels for only $ 0.99.

Find a friend with an iphone, or an ipod touch and download these 3 free apps for fascinating math learning for kids and adults.

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Oct 18 2010

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Awesome New FREE Math IPhone APP: Wheel Math 4 U

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MisterNumbers latest iPhone app, Wheel Math 4 U is FREE. It is an opportunity to play with patterns of the Fours on a Number Wheel into the Thousands. Make Stars with the simple 4-8-2-6-0 pattern. It also includes the Sixes making the same star backwards: 6-2-8-4-0. Makes it easy for kids to learn the times tables and have fun while developing a positive attitude about math.

Hey, Numbers are fun and friendly. If you don’t have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, ask a friend who does to download this fascinating FREE app so you can both play.

Wheel Math 4 U Sixes at 60

Wheel Math 4 U Sixes at 60

And you can upgrade to the full Wheel Math Wheel Fun app, which is 5 times more fun, for just 99 cents.

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Oct 08 2010

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Tic Tac Toe Times Table App Free Today

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This Ingenious App, Tic Tac Toe Times Table, is FREE Today (Friday Oct 8th), but will continue to be available for just $ .99 on ITunes. Wheel Math Wheel Fun, the other Right Brain Math iPhone app by MisterNumbers is also available on iTunes for $ .99.

An amazing fun way to create the Threes, Sevens, Sixes, and Nines by playing on a Tic Tac Toe Square. Tell your friends to get it while it is FREE TODAY.

Creating the Threes Times Table on a Tic Tac Toe Square

Creating the Threes Times Table on a Tic Tac Toe Square

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Oct 05 2010

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New iPhone App: Tic Tac Toe Times Table FREE 3 days

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Learn and play with the trick on this ingenious app that asks you to play with simple patterns on a tic-tac-toe Square like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 and 000-111-222-3 and create the Times Tables for 3s, 7s, 6s, and Nines. You will be amazed!

Forward the link to a parent, teacher, or student you care about. This great app is free for 3 days.

Also download the Wheel Math app for only $ .99. Adults love it as much as kids.

Ask a friend with an iPhone to download one or both of these treasure apps.
Go to RightBrainMath.com to learn more about exciting math apps, books, ebooks, DVD, and free worksheets.

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